DC Improv Shows, Improvisational Comedy

Our show is perfect for engaging your audience as we create the fun. We take suggestions from the audience and base our games on those suggestions. Don’t worry, unlike stand-up comedy, where the audience members are all too often picked on, we create comedy with you, not atyou(r expense). We often bring people from the audience up on stage with us to join in on fun. Not feeling like joining in? That’s fine too.

See how flexible we are? You can thank our strong improv background. Speaking of which…Between the four of us we’ve got over 30 years of professional improv performances and counting. We’ve been around.

What kind of shows have you performed?

We’ve played:Birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs, Team Building Workshops, Corporate Shows, Kids’ Shows, Shows For Adults Only, Shows For Those In College, Shows For People Who’ve Had Too Much To Drink, Shows For People Who Never Drink, Shows For Special Needs Populations.We’re ready to believe you…

Just e-mail us or give us a good old-fashioned telephone call and tell us what you need. We can give you an hour-long show, or more, or possibly even less. Let’s discuss.